Questions for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

(1) What is the policy of USCIS regarding B-1 visa extensions?


"Most of the time, entrepreneurs establishing their start-up have to use a B-1 visa, they rely on being able to extend their B-1 status to continue their effort and launch their startup until they can switch to being an employee and explore the possibility of a work visa."


  • How many times and for how long can an entrepreneur extend her/his B-1 status?
  • What is the policy of USCIS regarding entrepreneurs on B-1 receiving vested equity?

(2) Is the USCIS implementing anything to make alternative visa routes for entrepreneurs more accessible?


"Often, entrepreneurs will try to apply for O-1, EB-1 or EB-2 National Interest Waiver visas. However these visas have extremely demanding requirements and demand a track-record consisting of sustained national acclaim or work in an specific technical area of U.S. national interest, which is a hard fit for young entrepreneurs giving breath to an unproven venture."

(3) Is the USCIS doing anything to improve access to information for entrepreneurs?


"Entrepreneurs are overwhelmingly confused by U.S. immigration, when they haven't received conflicting information from U.S. agencies, it takes them a few years of mishaps to fully comprehend how to work with the U.S. immigration services."

(4) How much time would an implementation of the Startup Visa category takes to USCIS should it be voted into law?

(5) Do entrepreneurs have better chances applying by themselves for a visa or using the services of a lawyer?


"Not only are an alarmingly large portion of immigration lawyers reported to be handling entrepreneur cases with negligence, but we have been informed that cases are received with a different assessment depending on the historic of the law firm making the application."

(6) Is the USCIS doing anything to improve communication with entrepreneurs?


"Entrepreneurs complain about having no contact or interaction with the USCIS, and feel they are interacting with a « black box »"

(7) What would the USCIS recommend to an entrepreneur having concerns about not having any visa options when U.S. jobs or competitiveness are on the line?