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Week one

Posted by admin on March 3, 2011


Despite some timing and projector issues, the Premiere was a great success! We have only two pictures, if you took pictures, please send them our way so we can make an album :) Thank you to all who attended!

Final Cut

We have fixed motion animation glitches and replaced two cards, the online movie is now the final cut.

Subtitling the film

We have integrated the video with Universal Subtitles, which allows viewers to select subtitles and participate in subtitling the film in a crowd-sourced fashion. Please help us subtitle the movie and use the Universal Subtitles' embed code whenever you repost it!

Tell YOUR #StartupVisaStory!

If you have a similar story, we would like to know about it and help you spread it now. Write it on your blog (if you haven't already) and tweet the link to it with the #StartupVisaStory hashtag.

Going further

This documentary was produced in a short amount of time (about 2 months from "napkin" to premiere). Just saying, we think it would be a good idea to interview American citizens and interview foreign companies that started in the US and whose founders got kick-out by the limitations of US immigration. And film the immigration process of course.

A note on diversity

As I mentioned during the premiere, we could only interview a certain number of people in the documentary given its short production time. I initially contacted 2 friends who brought 2 of their friends, and 3 entrepreneurs that heard about us during the Kickstarter fundraising proposed to join the project. In the end, we interviewed everyone in the Bay Area that came to us during the process and that could be interviewed in time. As surprising as this sounds, given the history of each entrepreneur, we had no process of selecting participants.


Two of my friends are joining to help the project, Christophe is helping with the Facebook page, and Annie is going to help with the Twitter account, right now she is learning Twitter! Thank you guys!

Help us spread the word

We need your help to spread the film online and to the press. The film has a Creative Commons license, so post-it, tweet-it, share-it. lobby-it, press-it, project-it, spread-it, show-it and mention-it!


by Tarik


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An update would much appreciated. Thanks!
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This is gonna be sOooo epic shout out 2 the whole Ridgeway ent. crew and supporters who honildg it down and help putting our city talent on the map BOM BOM BOMTHE WORLD IS GONNA BE ON SOME RICH KIDD SHITTT now
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